Location and Contact

Epotx-Etxea is placed in the enclave of Getaria and Zarautz hillsides. At a distance of 25 Km from San Sebastian and of 75 Km from Bilbao, its location makes the house the ideal starting point to travel around the whole Basque Country.

Access by car is made from Getaria. At the center of the town, you should take an ascendant detour to Meagas. Epotx-Etxea is exactly at 1 Km.

Prices and Reservations

Epotx-Etxea - Barrio Eitzaga Nº2 - 20808 Getaria - Gipuzkoa (43.295207,-2.205346)

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The entrance is characterized by the two stone spheres shown at the photo. They help to find the house.

Location and Contact
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