Who we are

I, Andrés, was born and grew up near where Epotx-Etxea is today. I come from several generations who have dedicated their lives to making Txakoli, an exquisite white wine from Getaria. I am a wine lover from my cradle and an entrepreneur due to life circumstances. Thus, Epotx-Etxea went from being an idea, a dream, to a reality in 1990.

The house, at the beginning too big for my wife Maikar and me, became a few years later the playground of my two children Maria and Ander. We always liked to travel and soak up different realities. We have travelled, and we still do as a couple and as a family.

Each trip: the expectation, the desire, the delays, the arrival, the novelty, the discovery, the food, the people, the culture, the memories... It is the small details that make a vacation unforgettable, the "moments". It was in 2001 when we decided that we wanted to be part of "your moments". That is why at Epotx-Etxea we offer what we would like to find when we are the ones who travel to another place.

At Epotx-Etxea we have had very good teachers who have taught us many things and made us improve. These are the clients who have visited us, who more than clients have ended up being good friends. Thank you all!!!!!

All of us at Epotx-Etxea are at your disposal. We will recommend you the best beaches, the best restaurants according to what you want to taste, the walks you can enjoy... and we will toast with Txakoli!

We are waiting for you!

Prices and Reservations

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